Thursday, April 17, 2008

cruel game

The Poker Gods just like to kick you in the nuts every now and then.

Tonight in a tourney, I'm working hard, getting reads, making some small moves, I get 99 and raise it up, someone goes over the top, they're a tight player but I'm pretty short, so I push - they have TT and I'm dead. All that work for pair over pair.

Well, it happens. Move to a capped cash game. Get JJ, opponent raises, I reraise, he pushes to the cap, I call. He's got QQ. Of course. Another $7 gone.

Then, the real painful one. I limp with 77 and the flop comes 79A. I love that Ace on the flop, someone just got a pair of aces and they're going broke. Flop checks around. Turn is a blank, loose player bets, I raise, he pushes - I figure I've got his AJ-AK dead. Nope, he's got AA for set over set.

That's 3 times in 20 hands I go broke to pair over pair or set over set.

Had enough for one night? Nope. I keep playing. A superbad calling station is at the table - I get AQo and raise it up. She calls Flop is 5cAc9d. I bet hard, she calls. I figure with my luck at this point, she's got 2 pair and I'm dead. Turn comes Qd - I've got top 2 pair now. She leads out the minimum bet, I reraise the pot. She calls. Ok, is she trapping me. River comes and inncoucous 3 - she goes all in for the last 2.15. I have to call that, right, even if she's trapping. She turns over 2-4 for the straight. I'm dumbfounded. She called 2 pot sized bets with a gutshot straight draw, and then hit it. How can I fall into 3 pair over pairs (one that turns into set over set), and a luckbox making horrible calls and then hitting, all within 65 hands?

How is that possible?

A bit later, luckbox is betting into me, I've got one of those open-ended-straight-and-flush-15-outs-no-way-I'm-folding type of hands. Think I hit one of my 15 outs to get some revenge? No way.

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