Wednesday, August 27, 2008

alrighty then

A nice 1st place finish last night in a $30 9 man. I finally got to take one of the fishey's money at the table - I raised it up with JJ, he shoved, I called - he had 99 and my overpair held up. This doubled me up to 2200 and I was in the hunt.

I endured an overly-long bubble - there was enough calling of raises that steals were not profitable, so I was picking my spots. I knocked out the 4th place finisher, but my headsup opponent knocked out the 3rd place finisher - he had an 8K to 5K chip lead at the start of headsup play, which soon went to 10.5K - 2.5K. I then went to work and soon had this flipped around, where I was the one with 10.5K.

In the last hand, I raised K5o enough to make an all-in call correct, he did shove, and turned over Q5o. Domination! I avoided the lady on the board and took the 1st place money.

I'm now at a bankroll/stakes crossroads - my Full Tilt account has enough in it to allow me to play $50 tourneys comfortably. However, I looked at my sitngo performance by buy-in last night - my ROI is only 4% at the $30 level. I think I need some more time at this level before moving up. Too bad there aren't $40 sitngos on FullTilt...

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bastinptc said...

Great job. And perhaps a wise decision to stay at $30 for a bit longer.