Monday, August 11, 2008

one card to busto

Ok, poker's not too fun right now.

We're on the bubble. I get free play with 9d7d. Flop comes Qd 3d Ks. Check/Check. Cool, a free draw to a flush. turn comes Ac, he bets minimum. Ok, I have odds to hit my flush.

River is Ad. We get all our money in, he's been slowplaying AQ for the boat, and I'm gone.

The Ace of diamonds is the only card in the deck that breaks me. Any other diamond, I win. Any non diamond, I fold. Only the Ad gives him the boat and me the flush at the same time.

That's not fuckin fair, man. I've been playing ok poker - a couple bad calls here and there, but I've been playing solid, tight poker, and it's just not working out this week. Last 7 tourneys are 3 third place finishes and 4 bustos (3 bubbles). I know that this isn't BAD, but sooner or later you'd like to get rewarded for some good play. I saw a guy limp with AA and slowplay all the way to the river, and get away with it. Not only that, but his opponent raised him on the river with a pair of kings! That's bad play. Why doesn't it get punished? I saw a guy in my friend Tony's tourney tonight play 96% of the hands, raising 62% of them. 96%! Then when people called him and hit the flop, he would call and call and call and hit some crap 2 pair or something and knock people out. I try one blind steal and C-Bet, get called both times (cause I'm not hitting many flops right now), and I'm down to 1100 and have to tighten way up the rest of the way.

Ok, rant over. I know I'm just whining- my overall stats are still fine (187 tourneys, 21% ROI, 43% ITM), but these streaks of 7-8+ tourneys with no luck are not fun to sit through

My august stats are slightly negative (-10 ROI) - one 1st place will turn that around, but it doesn't look near at the moment.


bastinptc said...

Not fair?
Both the same.
But you know that.
May it improve for you.
In the meantime, weather it.

matt tag said...

thanks for the kind words and the encouragement.