Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a bigger and bigger hole

Sigh, two more tourneys tonight- two more losses.

First tourney, the player to my left is a beginning player, splashing around, making raises that don't make sense, going broke on 1 pair and then hitting a winner late. I know I can crush him with the right hand.

I get 66 in the small blind and it folds to me. I raise it up and he calls. Please give me a 6, please
pleasepleasepleaseplease. Board comes [Ks 6s Td] (oh thank you). I check, he bets, we get it all in, he's got KQo and I double up through him and feel pretty good about myself....

...for 2 hands.

I get ATo in middle position. I raise it up. The button calls me. He's a solid player with a slight negative ROI. The flop comes [Ts Ac 3d] - Top two pair, nary a draw in sight. He checks, I bet 180 he calls. Calls? What's he calling with?

Turn comes 2h. He checkraises me, we get it all in. I'm praying he's got AK/AQ. Then he shows and a hand I hadn't ever considered - AA. I've been dead the whole time. Oops. I don't think there's any way in hell I get away from that hand, though. No way in hell.

Second tourney, I'm getting short on the bubble - the super-aggro chipleader (9000 chips, 1600 is the 2nd place guy) - raises it up to 300, I shove with AQo. I expect a fold.... except that the guy in the big blind decides to call with 99 (is that a good call?) and I lose the race. Again, I make the right play with a good hand, but someone has a better hand.

Chances look pretty high I'm going to finish with my first negative month. I suppose I need to study these tourneys and see if I'm doing anything differently, but I'm inclined right now to think it's just a downswing. I've got 6 bubbles in 23 tourneys played.

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