Tuesday, September 9, 2008

did I do something wrong to someone? did I kick a cat or something?

ok, I played a tourney tonight with the worst player I have ever seen. This dude loved any 2 suited cards. I saw him limp in, then call a 6x raise, with the five of spades and the two of spades. Lordy Lordy.

So I'm waiting for the hand to trap him with, and of course the poker gods are giving me 82, T7o, etc. Then, I get my wish- 2 black aces in the hole, and Limpy Callerson is in the small blind. Better yet, a decent player UTG raises before me. Nice - he's got QQ/KK/AK, and I'm going to get some of his money too.

I raise it up to 560 (blinds 40/80).
Limpy Callerson calls the $560 (half his stack). UTG reraises all in. This is too good to be true. I call. Limpy Callerson calls. UTG has QQ, I show my black rockets, and Limpy Callerson shows QhTh. Beautiful. I'm 75% to win.

Flop comes Kh9s9c. Now I'm 90% to win.
Limpy Callerson could hit a jack, the case queen could come, other than that I look ok.

Turn comes a heart. Uh-oh.

River comes a heart. Dude hit runner runner flush to take me out.

Second tourney, get whittled down to M=8, get AKo, ship it in on the button (hoped the slight overbet would look like a steal and KJ or something would call) , but both blinds call with 88 and KK. Nice deck. No Ace comes for me. (actually 88 wins with a 5 6 7 9 on the board for a straight). I got my money in good and bad tonight, no luck with either.

I need some luck, man, somewhere. This is starting to suck.

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