Monday, October 13, 2008

bit of a break for real life issues

I played in the home game Friday night - not much of note there. I dropped $15, over half of that on the last hand where I played AT and called all the way down on a KQ8 board, half hoping for my gutshot or Ace, half not believing that my opponent had anything, and half just not giving a crap b/c it was the last hand of the night (wait, that's three halves).

I was also a bit irritated at some of the drunken behavior that was going in since the event was in my basement - some of my "guests" are not capable of using their inside voice at 1:00am after 18 beers (no, that is not a misprint).

No further online poker this weekend - I did some real life things instead and spent some much-overdue time with the family. Tonight is the Browns/Giants game on Monday Night Football, and although I give my Brownies close to a zero percent chance of winning the game, I'm pretty much genetically obligated to watch the bloodbath so I can participate in the post-game wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In other news, my next door neighbor who definitely did not have cancer might have it again - he's back in the hospital today for more tests, and we're all worried for him. So strange that the biggest worry in my life right now is random office politics and improving my middling poker skills, yet my neighbor and friend the next house over is sitting around wondering how many more of his kids' birthdays he's going to get to see.

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