Saturday, November 1, 2008

november starts like october

Played in 3 $10 tourneys tonight- 2 at a time.

Got no cards in the first and bombed out early - shoved with KQs, got called by AJo, no help

In the second, I played extremely well. Got heads up with a bad player and had his number the whole time. His bets were so easy to read. If he bet pot, he had some piece. If he bet over pot, he had nothing (at least nothing he was willing to go to the wall with). The last two times he bet over pot, I shoved over him with nothing and he folded.
If he checked, he had nothing, so I would be and he would fold.

We went back and forth forever, probably 100 hands. We both got to 2-1 chip lead at one point, me with no cards and reading his bets, him with better hands. Finally got JT on a 7 8 T flop, we got it all in. He had JQ. Turn K, River A for the runner-runner straight. I will now drink gasoline and stick a match down my throat - yet another 70+% favorite with 2 to come that doesn't hold up.

Turn over to the next tourney, where I won a decent pot early but it's dwindled back down to 1500. Bad player (-14%, 700 tourneys) limps from the small. I have QQ and raise it up. He calls. Flop comes 6 7 J - he shoves all his money in. Any way I fold with an overpair there? No way, he could have AJ/KJ.... or J7o, which he called my preflop raise with and hit 2 pair.

3 tourneys in November, net -6.

Where's that gasoline?

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