Wednesday, November 19, 2008

right back to the gutter

Well, any confidence I had built up in my recent few and far between tourneys went out the door tonight.

First tourney, got a free play in the BB with the lovely 2To, but flopped 2 pair on a 2 T Q flop. Played it hard, villain had limped with QT and called me all the way down. I was dead the whole time (he actually hit a runner runner backdoor flush, but didn't need it). Is there any way to slow down here? You flop a hidden 2 pair on a drawless board, you go to the wall, right? I actually didn't lose all my chips on that hand, but overshoved someone with AQs and lost a race a few hands later.

Second tourney was a 6-man, got down to 3, someone raised my blind 2X, I had KQs and called, hit top pair and shoved it all in. She shows AA. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She hadn't raised 2x all night - I figured it was a weak steal attempt with middling cards. Nope. She got me good.

Only 12 tourneys played this month due to work commitments, I'm just above zero again. Sample sizes are probably ridiculously small to make any real assessments - most experts would say that even my 287 tourneys played in total this year on FullTilt are no indication of my true ability. My lifetime FullTilt tourney ROI is 16.53% - sounds good on paper, but there's always that spectre of variance looming over you? Am I really any good, or have I just been lucky in my early poker career?

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Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you just ran into some tough luck.