Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Someone went all-in on me tonight. I had trip Tens and called. He had an open-ended and hit it on the river to knock me out, then typed "hahahahahaha" in the chat.

I told him he was showing fine sportsmanship. His reply "that's the Norwegian way". My reply back - "a fine culture, you must be very proud" and signed off.

The taunting didn't irk me as much as it could have. I had already played in a matrix tourney and showed a profit, finishing 3rd overall. I also played one more after Mr. HaHa and took second, making the night profitable overall. (a whole $11, woohoo!) In the last tourney, the winner hit 2 pair on my top pair while we were three handed (5 outs), crippling me. I then fought back to a survivable level, then took delight as Mr #1 and Mr #2 butted heads and left me as #2. I had less chips on him but a good read - and got him to commit quite a few chips with top pair, - and I had him outkicked. He hit his kicker on the turn for 2 pair and put it in. I lost, but it took him 2 suckouts to beat me, so I still felt ok.

After my board reading nightmare earlier this week, I've played well.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that you bring 'manners' up. I watched a similar thing happen on PAO last night during P K 's Open Invitational tournament. Guy moved all-in with 69 got 2 callers, flopped 3 - 6's and then said 'boom' after the hand was over...that was about the 3rd time he had done that. It's easy to do that when you don't have to look your opponents in the eye across the table I guess. I can tell you if people did that in my poker league, they wouldn't return the next season.

Keep up the blog. It's nice reading about other people that have the same frustrations that I do.