Wednesday, December 3, 2008

vacation continues

More poker to come tonight, but I really got to pound the tables today. Results so far:

$5 Matrix tourney. Took one 1st place finish, and 4th overall.

Double-tabled 2 $10 9-mans - bombout in one (70-30 when all the money went in), third place in the other.

Again, Double-tabled 2 $10 9-mans - bombout in one, (down 62-37 preflop with KQ vs. AJ, but hit a pair on the flop to put me 73-27, but villain hit runner-runner to flush out), second place in the other.

Finally, one more $5 matrix - this one I finished first overall, and monied in all 4 tournies. Very nice. See pic for final results window from Full Tilt.

Multitabling really gives you, as Seinfeld once said "more everything". When the cards aren't coming, they're not coming faster. The one thing I like about multitabling is that, as long as there's another tourney going on, you can't sit and stew about a bad beat. I got my aces cracked by a sucker calling with A7o today - it was a matrix tourney and I witnessed him time and time again take any ace way too far - I knew he had some Ace-rag in his hand when he raised - I got him all in and the flop came all crap... that happened to connect with his 7 for a straight. Ow. Anyway, no time to fret - 3 more tourneys were still going...

Evening session - 3 $10s - bombed way out of the first one, dude limped in with AA, I raised him with AQ, he called, flop came Queen high. Oops... Second one, got low and lost a race... third one, took home first prize. Then I was about to go to sleep and looked up Tony - he was on a $5 matrix tourney, and it was still registering! I hopped on.... and took first place on that one too, for another $18.90 victory. I took first or second place in all 4 tourneys in that one. (I must say, my cards were amazing in this matrix tourney, several big pocket pairs, 2 sets, lots of top pairs. Sometimes you're good, sometimes lucky). Another great day overall, $37 bucks won in 19 low-buy in tourneys (counting the matrix tourneys as 4), for a 40% ROI on the day.

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