Sunday, December 7, 2008

vacation ends, irritates

I get into 2 $10 9 mans in tonight (multitabling) - both irritate me in different ways.

The first I get zero playable hands and the blinds eat me up. I make my first all-in stand with 8 BB and the powerhouse QT - I get called in the blind by AQ. Bye-bye.

The second tourney goes much like the first, but I actually get a monster JJ to shove over someone's raise. They call with AJ and I've got to fade the Ace, but I do and double up. We get to the bubble- the big stack is the worst big stack bubble guy ever, puts no pressure on anyone, so I've got a chance to do some damage. I start off in distant fourth, but crawl up to second and it looks like the bad player is going to blind himself out. Still, I hit KQs under the gun and shove (ICM says this is a go), and of course the big stack ends up with a callable TT. We're racing, but he hits a ten on the turn and river for quads and a big "F-You" to my chance at the money. Donk (and I do mean donk, over $12,000 lost at FullTilt) who was about to be blinded out, you're friggin welcome.

December stats still strong despite the losses.

Back to real work tomorrow, where I expect everyone running around like chicken little, trying to get this system replacement project done for the first week of 2009. Since we have yet to actually see this new system running in our building, my hopes are low.

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