Friday, January 16, 2009

3 suckouts? no tilt. One bad call by me? Tilt.

four tourneys.

Tourney #1 - I get it all in very early with KK. Villain has JJ and hits a J on the flop. Out in 8th place. I take it in stride. That's poker.

Tourney #2 - the bubble has broken. We get it all in - (I was low to begin with) I've got a flush draw - he's got trips. My flush comes on the turn. He boats up on the river. Oh well, I played well and had a bad result.

Tourney #3 (happens within 10 seconds of tourney #2 hand, as I was 2-tabling). I get it all in JJ vs. 99. A nine comes on the turn. I'm out in 4th. Eh, it happens, not a great night.

Tourney #4. Cards have been awesome early. I get a set of 9s, Aces that flop the nut boat, and Kings. I win all three but never show down. I must look like a maniac. I'm on a rush. I've got about 2200.

Loose player limps in (stats 35/12). I've got QT in the big blind and take a flop, which comes Q34, 2 spades. I check-call him then donk into him on a 9 turn. He shoves.

I could call my top pair/crap kicker, or I could fold and stay safe. I decide he could have limped in with JJ/TT and is making a play. Or that 9 gave him a funky straight draw that he's semibluffing. I call. He's got QK and I lose half my stack, after building it up nicely with my early good cards. Nice read, dumbass. I fight for a bit longer but end up out in 5th.

Now that sucks ass.

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