Tuesday, January 13, 2009

luck runs out.

2 losses in 2 tries tonight.

The first one, I got my money in with 8T on a JJQ9 board. I was a bit behind - villain had JQ and flopped el-nuts-o. (that spanish for the nuts in case you didn't know ). Whoops. I can't think of too many cases where you're supposed to fold a straight (using both your cards) in a 9 man SNG, so I can't really fault my play there.

In the second tourney, I was plagued early by AJ. I raised up AJo from UTG+1 and got a caller in better position. The flop came K33. We both checked the flop but he took the pot away from me on the turn when no help came.

Very next hand, I get AJ again. This time I'm under the gun and just fold it - why repeat the same mistake in worse position?

Later, someone 2x raises, and there's a caller. I've got AJ again, but a quick look at the stats of the caller tells me he's a tight - tricky player, and I don't want to get mixed up here. My read was good - it turns out he had AQ, but the board came 4QJJ and I would have ended up with the best hand.

A bit later I lost another big chunk with TT. I raised, someone called from a blind, then shoved into me with a Jack on the board. He could have easily had 88 or a similar underpair but I didn't feel like I needed to risk it. I was under 1000 chips.

I survived a bit longer by winning a race - QQ vs. AK, which brought us to 6 players. Then my cards went dead for 30-odd hands and I ended up shoving over a 2x raise with a pair of nines and 8BB left. I figured I was racing again, and I was right - he had KQo (an odd hand to call an all-in with), but the turn gave him 10 outs (his overcards + a straight) and he hit one of them on the river. Win a race, lose a race - usually equals an exit.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Well, you lost both of them, but it sounds like you were playing well. Hard to see anything wrong with that.