Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Ambush

3 tourneys online tonight - played tight and aggressive with no cards and won seemingly nothing. Then, each time I decided to make my move, someone was ready for me.

First tourney I reraised all in from the blind with AK, JJ was waiting for me. Done.
Second tourney, I ICM shove with A3s from the button, TT is waiting for me in the big. Done.

Third tourney,
I ICM shove with K2 from the small, big is waiting for me with KT. Should be done, but suck out my 2 to stay alive...

This gets me into the money, where I shove the first hand afte
r the bubble bursts with KJs and 8 BB. Blind calls with 99. Done again.

The snipers were out in full force, every time I took my gun out of the holster, someone shot it out of my hand. I was lucky to take the third place money in one and c
ut my losses on the night in half. Sheesh.

I would play more tonight but late poker nights both Wednesday and Thursday leave this middle aged body longing to be horizontal.

And since I have nothing else to add, and there was barely any real poker being played tonight, here is an old picture of my kids that my wife dug out of Picasa this week - one of a few she made some larger prints of to hang on some bare walls in the house. Taken March 6, 2004.

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