Wednesday, February 25, 2009

no mistakes tonight, no luck either...

First tourney of the night, the cards and table setup forces me to play a nitty 8/6 over the first 60 hands. I catch nothing and win nothing but an occasional blind. My very first ICM shove of the night is called with a pair of 77s and I'm gone. (I had 9To on the button, the move itself was fine).

Second tourney, (running simultaneous to the first), I get JJ and AQ in the first 10 hands and lose half my stack on both of them. Played well after that - good enough to crawl back and bubble, but still no cash. That's 7 in a row this week with no money, and only 1 out of my last 11. My really good month has gone to just barely positive (+9.5%).

If I were 12 tabling, this mini-bad run would be a blip on the radar - just variance kicking me in the balls. With the frequency I play, though, this is an entire bad week, and its' a hair mentally draining.

Reviewed my hands in SNGWiz - no serious endgame mistakes (actually, not one mistake tonight), so it looks like it's just luck. Tomorrow and Friday are live poker - so my online month looks to be done. It started so well, too....

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