Tuesday, February 3, 2009

on the edge...

4 tourneys tonight. 2 bubbles, a third, and a first.

In one bubble, I was cruising along in 3rd place until I got my kings cracked by A2 (nice) to knock me to average, then shoved ATo with 12 BB and got called by AA in the small. Not sure what to do there - AT0 is a decent hand. Shoving 12 BB is usually too much - but I seemed right in between. Calling on the button is no good- a 3x raise puts a nice chunk of my stack in. You can't fold it, right? Hmmm.

The blind having AA is just bad luck - not upset about that. Wondering what the preflop play is, though.

I finally paid for SNG Wizard last night, so I'll need to look that one up.

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