Monday, February 23, 2009

well, my mind ain't right yet...

2 SNGs tonight on FullTilt - bombed out in both.

The second showed me some of the worst poker I had seen in a long time. I saw someone three bet (my AQ), then call an all-in with 44 (I folded). He was up against KK and did not fare well. I saw two people get it all-in with KQ on a board that someone should have had a straight on. I saw another pot size bet - and a call - on a three-flush board. Neither player had the flush. I saw someone else get it all in with top pair, ten kicker. The chips were flying around and there wasn't much sense to it.

I got AQ again, this time in early position. I limped, since my last AQ was 3-bet with 44. The button shoved over me (that is - he bet 1200 into a 100 chip pot). I checked his sharkscope stats - 21 tourneys played, lifetime. My little devil popped into my head, saying "he's got Ace-9 off. You know he does". Everything I had seen at the table so far agreed with this opinion. I knew calling was the stupidest thing ever, (even if he flipped his cards over and I could see he had A9o, it was stupid) but my hand wouldn't stop edging the mouse for the call button. I clicked it.

He had AK.

Guess my brain hasn't recovered from the road trip yet.


Memphis MOJO said...

He had A-K this time but he'll have A-9 the next five times - that's how they roll.

diverjoules said...

Loved your Mteer report. I go there at least once a month. Have you ever looked into the Cleveland Poker Meetup Group. Several of us (me included) host live games. Cash and Tourneys. Come join us. BUT and I say this seriously, PAY NO ATTENTION to the idiots spewing crap on the Message Board. There are quite a few of us, who just want to play some cards.


diverjoules said...

PS.. thanks for the comment on my blog.