Sunday, February 8, 2009

when the cards don't matter

Good, aggressive player on the button with my big blind. Only one oddity to his game - his standard raise looks to be 2 times the blind - on the smallish side.

I see him late position raise 2x, but the small blind reraises him, and he folds.
Then I see him raise 2x in early position, and he gets reraised, and he folds.
Then I see him raise 3x (but damn, it takes down the pot, so I can't learn any more about what this raise size means).

Anyway, he raises my blind a couple times, both 2x, and I've seen him fold to a reraise twice. Then he does it again, but I'm the huge chip leader (over 4000 chips, 2nd place has less than 2000) and decide to test him out. I reraise him and he folds.

Oh, and my cards? Seven Deuce soooted.

Later he gets me back - re raises 2x again, and I defend with J9 suited. On the turn, there's a 4 straight on the board and I've got two pair. I lead into him and he raises - a minraise, which shows some strength, but he's only got 505 left and he's giving me over 4:1 odds to call. I decide to end the speculation now and just put him all in - figuring he'll call, even if he doesn't have the 8 that would make the straight. He shows Ace Eight suited - damn! He's already ahead, and has 4 to a flush as well, but I've got 4 outs to the boat. The river bricks and he knocks my stack back among the mortals.

The night ends well, though - I place first and second in the two tourneys I play (both $22 buy-ins), profiting an even $100 on the night. I played much of these two tourneys at the same time, too - so I would say that my multitabling ability is coming along nicely.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job.s

BWoP said...

Re: your comment to my post. Two of the clubs would have paired the board, giving me a full house. So I subtracted them from the total.

2 on board + 4 in the players' hands + 2 that would give me the full house = 8 dead spades. That leaves them with 5 clean outs.