Saturday, March 7, 2009

bet size tells

Full Tilt Poker, $20 + $2 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 25/50 Blinds, 7 Players - Hand History Converter

MP: 1,590
CO: 1,000
Hero (BTN): 1,355
SB: 3,335
BB: 1,690
UTG: 3,240
UTG+1: 1,290

Pre-Flop: (75) A Q dealt to Hero (BTN)
3 folds, CO raises to 150,

This guy and I had tangled twice before already tonight and I had won both times. I figured he was officially tired of me by now. His stats were pretty aggressive - something like 29/18 (only 30 hands or so), but I hate pushing AQ to the wall. I also didn't need to race all-in yet, it was early. I figured I would call in position and try and hit the flop. If I whif, I'll just fold without a second's thought.

Hero calls 150, 2 folds

Flop: (375) 9 J T (2 Players)
CO bets 250,

I sorta/kinda hit the flop, not really. An open ender with 2 overcards. I figured he was going to push the rest of his chips in here and put me to the test. Instead, he bet what I looked to me like the smallest bet he could find that would allow him to fold. I decided to oblige him.

Hero raises to 1,205 and is All-In, CO folds

Results: 875 Pot
Hero mucked A Q and WON 875 (+475 NET)

Took third in this tourney and second in another tonight, with 1 bombout. Playing good online. It took a three outer and a six outer on the river of 2 of my tourneys to beat me, so I'm getting my money in ahead. Now we just have to figure out what's going on in the live game...

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