Sunday, March 29, 2009

the doomswitch is clicked on right now...

I'm trying to play a little more online right now to take advantage of the Full Tilt/Stox Poker free training deal, but I'll tell you it's not easy right now. Cards are truly awful. Played two more this afternoon and won a total of 6 hands in each. Really mentally draining - to fold and fold and fold until you've got 8 BB left, then shove ace-rag from the button and get called by Queens on your third hand played of the tourney. Why not just hand someone $22 on the street instead?

update: hey, I got a big starting hand, finally! Queens in the hole. I even got action when a beginning player with a short (but not desperate) stack shoved his 600 chips in. I called and he had nines. Sweet!

Of course, the board came with 4 clubs and I didn't have one. He had the nine of clubs.

I did manage to hold on in this one again, until I got Queens in the hole again. I was racing AK for all my chips and lost.

So now I'm getting good starting cards. I'm not winning with them, but I'm getting some. 6 tourney losses in a row, and my month has devolved into a truly average one, after starting off like a house on fire.

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