Tuesday, March 24, 2009

feedburner glitch?

Must have been - feedburner now reports that I've gone from 2 subscribers to 13, an all time high! Yay.

PS - I will always welcome feedback on the content - do I whine too much? Do you like annotated hand histories or no? Should I keep throwing in the non-poker/family stuff? (tough to do, since I might be the dullest American in history. But I'll try).

One more note - I buzzed one more time through the Galactica finale last night on my Tivo , hitting some highlights and key scenes. This makes 4 total viewings of the finale. I think that this series finale, along with the series itself, will be remembered for a long, long time. A truly remarkable TV show.

If you have any inclination towards good Science Fiction and haven't discovered this show yet, I highly recommend hunting down the DVDs and investing the time.


bastinptc said...


I don't subscribe to your blog, yet, as you know, I have it linked on mine. By doing so, Blogger lets me know when you have posted.

As for the whines, I'd say that if you just cried like a spoiled child, it's be one thing, but since you add analysis, it make for an informative read. So, it's not a whine.

Finally, thanks for not saying anything specific about Battlestar. My wife and I have rented up to season 4 but didn't finish it in time to catch the new season on TV. Hopefully they will have a Season 5 marathon so we can put this thing to rest. We're jonesing, but we also want it to be over.

Oh, the family stuff... That's your call, buddy. Whatever you're comfortable with.

Memphis MOJO said...

"I will always welcome feedback on the content "

Don't change anything.

p.s. I have google reader which I check daily and it let's me know when you post something new.