Saturday, March 21, 2009

focus on the quality of your decisions, part 352

the bad player to my right "trapped" me in a blind vs. blind battle tonight - the result of his carefully laid trap was me getting my short stack in the middle as a 3-1 favorite.

I lost the hand and got knocked out in 6th place, but the read was dead on.

Second tourney, also not so good. My first playable hand of the night was about 27 in - an AcQc in late position. I raised it up and the blind defended - a beginning player but pretty aggressive. The board came king high and all spades, with the villain donking into me. I either had to bluff off all my chips or give it up.

Very next hand, the player to my right was limping in at 35% and never raising - I tried to isolate one of his limps with AJo, but someone behind me woke up and reraised. I was committed, plus the fact that this player's last raise was with Q8o, so I put the rest in. He had the bullets and out I went, again in 6th place.

My play and reads were ok on the limper but I was unlucky to have someone behind me with the Aces. Not sure I could do anything about that hand to improve my play (I would love suggestions to the contrary).

Watched the series finale of Battlestar Galactica this afternoon - was quite pleased with the series resolution. I read several threads online of disappointed fans who didn't like the was the story played out. I agree that some of the story elements were too "Deux Ex Machina" - but it was a wonderful series containing characters I was rooting for and caring about. An excellent television series, in an era where I found I've given up almost all TV (for poker, of course).

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