Thursday, March 26, 2009

my brain is slowly getting rewired

I played two tourneys last night, neither were altogether interesting. Took third place in the first, bounced out of the second early, net loss of $8. My endgame moves were all fine according to SNGWiz, so I think I played perfectly late.

In my last tourney, I had 6 BB and got dealt 88. A fairly early player made a raise to over 3x, so he would have greater than 2-1 odds to call my shove. His raise size was atypical and scared me a bit - but I decided this could be AT or 44 as easily as AA/KK. I put it in and he called with two nines. Drat! I thought that maybe SNGWiz would have a problem with this play, but it reported a clear 1% edge in pushing.

I have noticed in the past week or so that I'm thinking a LOT about other player's holdings. I mainly credit the book pictured here. I bought this book three or so weeks ago and have just started reading it for the second time. This book lays out page upon page of hand examples, but really gets into the details of the thought process of the Hero through the entire hand, and the attempt to interpret bet sizes or betting lines of opponents. One such nugget of information that has stuck with me is a certain betting line that can often be an indicator of a whiffed draw - and if you can sniff it out - you can win a pretty big pot with a marginal hand. (I'll let you buy the book on your own to find out what the line is!)

Many of the examples deal extensively with opponent range analysis. I think this book has slowly gotten me to think like the three authors (all successful online players, BTW) think.

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Memphis MOJO said...

I enjoyed the book immensely. Threatened to review it on my blog, but never did (lazy ass disease).

One thing I like about it is that the three authors have different playing styles, yet you can win with any of the three. It's the thinking behind the style that makes the difference.