Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Next tourney, 3rd hand, got AQo again, this time UTG+1. Raised to 90, everyone folded. See how easy it is to play the hand when you play it correctly?

Lost both tourneys tonight, but I can't complain. Made good decisions the whole way after the first AQ debacle (lesson learned - no need to "vary your play" in the early stages of a SNG). Lost a race with JJ vs. AK but had 2.5-1 odds to call - large overlay. The pic below shows my last dozen or so hands as analyzed by SitNGo Wizard - the little green check marks are what you want to see. The last hand got cut off a bit - I shoved 55 from the small blind and the big called with Ace-Seven. His call is a HORRIBLE decision, but that doesn't prevent him from hitting a 7 and taking me out. I believe shoving my 55 was unexploitable - meaning it would make money in the long run no matter what range the big blind calls me with. (If he only calls with aces, I make money through all of his folds, and if he calls too loose, I make money b/c I win enough races with my pair)

Proof my endgame play is improving.

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