Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Only time for one tonight - a bizarre affair where I hit a set of Queens early (and didn't get paid enough), then had my computer shut itself down for no reason in the middle of the tourney. Of course, my computer takes like 36 hours to boot (seemingly), so I lost a level or two of the tourney waiting for it to come up.

Late levels were an extremely tight affair - we still had 6 players at 120/240. Then a huge 3 way all in with TT vs. JJ vs. QQ (JJ sucked out on the river to take it) brought us to the bubble. We bubbled around all the way to 250/500, where 3 players had around 2500 (5 BB) and it was a total shove-fest.

I ended up shoving from UTG with A9 and getting called by AJ to bubble. SNGWiz says this was a borderline play for a couple reasons:

I'm shoving into all 3 players.
The big stack was the Big Blind (though he wasn't the one who called me).

Tough sledding either way - the blinds are about to take another chunk out of my stack.

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