Thursday, April 9, 2009

I got got got got no time... (for cards)

Work is sucking extra hard this week, and my poker hours are the first thing to suffer. Only 3 online tourneys this month so far, and I'm even going to miss my heretofore un-missed Thursday live game tonight. A resounding phooey to the whole situation, that's what I say.

I did play a 9-man last night and came in second place - I cracked the bubble myself by calling the shortie's all in with 9T suited and over 2-1 odds (he was very, very short), then turning a straight against his two aces. I've been there.

My heads-up opponent was very good - we sparred back and forth for over 50 hands. I botched pocket kings by playing them slow preflop, then shoving into an A99 board. He had an ace and I was nearly dead but hit a two outer to cripple him. Then he outplayed me for a bit to get back to even.

On our last hand, I got it in with top pair, he was semibluffing with a flush draw and his draw came in. I was a 2-1 favorite when the money went in - give me that all day.

In non-poker news, our new dog, the big Ragu, is doing very well and starting to fit into the family structure just fine. One issue is that he does not like his crate very much - and he even proved resourceful enough to unzip the door himself last night and jump back into our bed. I was laughing too hard and felt too bad for him to put him back in. All this dog wants is to be close to his masters, something his original masters didn't want to give him. I don't know how anyone could look at this dog and not melt away into a pile of goo.

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