Saturday, April 18, 2009

why ruin a nice day with poker?

Had a nice day in the sun with the wife and friends on the water's edge in Port Clinton, OH. Came in for some evening poker, got the bad caller to call me with AJ vs. my AQ and watch him hit his 3-outer on the river on the 16th hand of the night - out in 8th place.

After my$130 2-outer AA vs. KK debacle on Thursday, my first thought was "enough silliness for the night". But at the last minute I fired up one more.... a strange tourney that got down to 3 handed in an instant, but then the 3 of us sparred for 100 hands or so.

Crap cards, of course - couldn't knock out the beginner player whose bet sizes I could read like his cards were face up - ended up taking a 2-1 call against the good player with KQ and losing to AJ knock me to nowhere. (Actually the pot odds were 1.92-1, I needed 34% to play, my hand was 40% to win. A correct call from a pot odds standpoint, but from chip equity?).

One third place and one early knockout puts you below the water line for the day not good enough.


Memphis MOJO said...

Was it a 6-table sng?

matt tag said...

no, it was a 9-man, and we were down to 3 players in 44 hands (just doublechecked that number using SNGWiz). I went out on hand 130, so the 3 handed play was pretty long