Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cooler night

got coolered three times tonight (I think, 2 for sure).

In the first, I played 89s against a bad player early and by the turn had the baby end of the straight. His stats said he would go to the wall with top pair/two pair/set and I'd be golden - I was afraid of only one hand - AK. He had it.

Tourney 2, I raise up AK, get reraised (small), call, flop comes KQx. He's got KQ. I survive this one with an ace suck out on the river.

Third hand, I raise up TT, get reraised small again, flop comes 983, but opponent is betting like a madman and I just feel like he's got a pair over my tens. I fold this one.

Not much else to report - I play fine the rest of the way with no cards and bubble. My last 5 hands of the tourney are 73o, 54o, T5o, 95o, K7s, 45s. And the K7s was in the small blind and there was a loose limper who didn't like to fold, even to shoves. after he limped in, I folded that one. Not much to work with. I'm hovering around even for the month.

I'm taking Friday off to visit a friend in Columbus - will
squeeze in some extra poker in the am, hopefully.

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