Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't play mad

Played 2 last night - in the first, I was dealt AA vs. KK in the very first hand and doubled up, then rode that momentum to a 2nd place finish. I ended with a semi-bluff all in that would have worked except that the villain had 2 pair and had to call, and my flush didn't come. A nice try, though.

In the second, I was watching the Cleveland Cavaliers drop another game to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the irritation of that game carried over into the poker. I ended up limp/shoving 77 and wound up against TT. Ooo-fa, I've made so many bad plays this month. It's no wonder I'm in the red.

In other news, my cards were uncharacteristically good in these two tourneys. Aces, Kings, Big Slick, Jacks twice, some smaller pairs. I also (correctly) folded some junk that would have turned into trips or flopped straights.

All this one day after my first ever (small) cash withdrawl from Full Tilt. Suspicious? Nah, it's all 100% random, I'm 100% positive...

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