Monday, May 25, 2009

new and different

On my day off today, I decided to do a bunch of poker stuff that I've never done before. It didn't go all that well...

I played in my first $50 buy in tourney - a nine man SNG. I took third, then made a donkey call to end it there.

I played in an 884 player $16,000 guarantee - a $24 buy-in tourney. I doubled up with Aces on the second hand, and then won a nice pot with a flush against a set of tens. For a short time, I was in 14th place with those two big hands. Sadly, that was about all I could muster, and my chip stack dwindled and dwindled until I took a stand with AJ but got caught against AK (that's actually a lie - I shoved over a raise with AJ and the initial raiser had AK - another pure donkey move by me). I went out in 270 place.

I fired up a 45 man tourney and got my aces cracked by 8T sooted on the first orbit. Out in 43rd.

I signed up on UltimateBet for a rakeback account. I played in a play money tourney there just to get the hang of the interface and such. I won that tourney (lovely).

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Memphis MOJO said...

Well, happy holiday to you.