Wednesday, May 20, 2009

right and wrong read

So I'm playing last night and a beginning player (according to sharkscope) has raised my blind for the 4th consecutive time. His stats are like 24/13 - too much raising to have good cards every time.

I am the big stack at the table and can break him. I decide that enough is enough and reraise him all in. My cards are garbage - 67o, but it doesn't matter - he's not calling without a premium hand, and he can't have this many premium hands.

I was half right - he indeed did not have a premium hand - but he decided to call me anyway, with A7s. I fail to improve my dominated situation and get chopped back down into the average stacks.

Tony was playing the same tourney. He chats to me "misclick?". I reply, "nope, bad read". I have underestimated what this player considers a good hand.

My wild reraise does have some metagame benefits, as I end up getting a walk in the big blind in several of the next few orbits. My nutjob image serves me well.

I end up third in this tourney, knocked out by the same player in the same dominated situation with only one live card. Blah.

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