Sunday, May 17, 2009

still even for the month

Played three tonight - 2 third place and a bustout. 2 hours of work for $2 profit.

Luck continued to be poor. I caught an aggro guy into a pot with top pair to my AA - he had 5 outs after the flop and he hit one. Then, in an interesting hand, an early player minraised to 80, and I 3 bet to 300 with JJ, which was a decent chunk of my stack and committed me. A player behind me, in the small blind, called. I figured he would have reraised with QQ/KK/AA, so I put him on maybe AK or AQ/AJ if he was a bad player. I figured my bet was too big to setmine.

The board came 348 rainbow - the caller in the blind checked, I bet 600 with the intention of calling an all-in checkraise, and he did in fact checkraise me, showing 44 for the set and my demise.

I don't like calling a 7.5x raise with 44 for setmining purposes, do you?

Third tourney, with three left - I shoved KJo from the bubble and got called by A9. Neither of us improved and I was out. My shove looks fine (unexploitable, even), according to SngWizard - his call with A9 looks a little iffy (unless he thinks I'm pushing very wide - over 20%). It worked out this time, of course - lots of bad plays are working out against me this month.

That's the definition of bad luck - when you play well (or opponents play poorly) and you lose anyway.

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Memphis MOJO said...

"I don't like calling a 7.5x raise with 44 for setmining purposes, do you?"

not with these stacks. with real deep stacks, then ok. they say not more than 7% of your stack, but I don't like to put even that much in.