Saturday, June 27, 2009

amazing stuff

I took second in an online tourney tonight. I caught good cards, including quad 4s (on a 444 board), a set of Jacks (against and Ace master who called my raise with A6 and hit his ace), pocket kings back to back, and a couple big slicks.

I must say, though, that this tourney was the most amazing display of "worst hand winning" that I have ever seen. Ever. I must have counted 10 cases where the worst hand that got the money in won the hand. Against myself, I got two pair in against top pair, he hit his 3 outer. The key hand of headsup was my AK vs. his AQ - a king on the river gave him a straight. The final hand of the tourney was my 33 vs. his A7. Neither of us hit a thing, but the board came QQ55 and counterfeited me.

I wasn't the only sufferer of this cruel fate, either. Our bubble was almost 60 hands long, primarily because the short stack sucked out over and over and over. It was almost mathematically-defying. I might document it, in fact, hand-for-hand (at least the all-ins). Bizarre stuff.

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