Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"A" game back?

4 more tourneys tonight - 1 first place, 1 second place, and 2 bubbles. One of the bubbles was a 3 out suckout also - got my money in good (TT vs. K3, egads).

The win was very satisfying - major aggro donkey to my immediate right - his stats were 43/27, with an infinite flop aggression. Sometimes you just have to stay out of their way and wait for a hand, which I did - it came 3 handed. He raised and I 3 bet from the small blind with AK. He called. flop is KQ4, two spades. I check, he bets pot, and I shove over him. He thinks and calls, with JT - a straight draw. Him hitting that straight would send me into a tilting tailspin, but I duck the 8 outs and knock out a tough opponent.

My goal of doubling my online play rate is going well - 4 tourneys per night so far in June. My goal is 80 this month.


Memphis MOJO said...

Do you play two at a time, or just exactly what do you do? I used to play four and start them one after the other with 15 minute intervals.

matt tag said...

I use Sharkscope tourney selector to wait for a "fishy table" (or, in rare cases, a "double fishy table"), and then I register. I currently play no more than 2 at a time, but they may start 2 minutes apart or 15, depending on their sharkscope rating.