Monday, June 22, 2009

I have been empaneled

I reported to my first Jury Duty today, and was empaneled on a jury around 2:30 in the afternoon. I will of course give no details of the case I'm hearing. Kind of exciting, or at least a break in the 5-days-work-two-days-off routine over and over.

In poker news, I played only one tournament last night - took second place. The bubble saw me knock out Mr. #4 with a pair of sixes against his AhTh. Just to make me sweat, the flop arrived with 2 hearts meaning that I was a statistical dog by the river to lose, but I guess I sucked out (with the best hand).

9% ROI this month - still positive, with all the 2-tabling, but lower than normal.

One thing I noticed about last month (a negative ROI overall) - I achieved my normal ROI in the $22 buy-in, but a very negative buy-in in the $33s I played. There were only 10 of these overall in May, so I shouldn't get too crazy analyzing results of such small sample sizes, but it is interesting. I have similar results in June, with even fewer $33 tourneys played (only 4, but a negative ROI).

Going back to Jan 1, I only have 21 played at the $33 level. My average finish is 4.62, whereas my average finish in the $22s in that same time is 3.97. So I don't think I'm way off the mark here - this could easily be variance or poor table selection. All you need is one more decent player at the table to be the guy who traps you or knocks you out..

In any event, it looks like I'll be sticking with the $22s for a bit longer...

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Forrest Gump said...

Matt, I got called up for a big case last year which ran for 10 weeks. I actually found the whole thing really interesting and got a lot from it. From a poker/Navarro perspective, there was some pretty interesting stuff too - i found myself looking at the body language rather than just the words. One of the key witnesses sat the entire time slumped in the chair, blinking alot and often fidgeted/touched her hair when answering. She was a terrible liar...