Monday, June 1, 2009

no mas!

Well, I started my June with a return to multitabling (a whole 2 tourneys at a time), and I took home 4 losses in 4 tries.

1. First ICM shove of the tourney with 77, get called by JJ. Oh, and he ended up with quads.

2. Big blind special, K9o - flop 994. I check, bad player checks. Turn comes a 2, we get it all in - he has 22.

3. First ICM shove of the tourney - JKo, get called by AQ. Ace on the flop.

4. My favorite. Bad player limps into my BB. I have 8 BB left and AK. I raise to 3x and he calls. Flop comes 445. He thinks and thinks and thinks, then shoves. I call with Ace high - any pair would have shoved instantly. He has 79s. Next card - 7s.

Reviewed my stats in SNGWiz - the 77 shove was a bit wrong b/c I had just over 10 BB. But you can
't fold it, can you? Can you standard raise with 13 BB with 77? That doesn't seem right, either. The other endgame plays looked fine, just unlucky.

Buh Bye for now. I had time left to play some more, but felt like someone who just went 10 rounds with the world champ.


Memphis MOJO said...

"but felt like someone who just went 10 rounds with the world champ."

When they pummel you, ya gotta back off, I guess.

On the 7-7 hand, I wonder why it's wrong to shove? Seems ok to me, but I must be missing something.

Forrest Gump said...

Did you open shove with 77? From which position - how many still to act behind you? Also, was the table fairly soft? Did you really need to gamble?

For the AK hand, with 8BB I'm also not going to raise 3BB and leave 5BB behind me - if anything, shoving looks weaker and more likely to get called.

Just some immediate thoughts that spring to mind. Keep your chin up soldier!


matt tag said...

on the 77 hand, there were 4 to act after me, which is a lot. Also, I had 12 BB, so I was not in dire straights yet. Folding seems way too nitty/weak, and raising 3x is going to put me into an awful situation if I don't hit my set.

SitNGo Wizard warns me that I'm shoving with over 10 BB (which it always does), but it also says that the push is +Ev.

the AK hand was a special case - I knew I was committing myself with the small raise, but this was an inexperienced opponent, who wasn't very aggressive - I felt like maybe he wouldn't look at how much I was leaving behind and think the reraise was just a steal attempt. I was prepared to get it in on any flop, and after he paused for much of his allotted time before shoving, I was even more sure.