Tuesday, June 30, 2009

temporary post

Hey all,

Blogger is not allowing me to post right now (along with some small number of other users). I can post via email only.

Have lots of stuff to say – with pictures, etc, so hopefully it will be back up soon (has been down for 24 hours).

June is over. I made it to 58 tourneys played – the most ever in a month (even more than December, when I was off for half the month. My results are decidedly “meh” – 5% ROI, barely hanging on. My all-in luck appears to be a bit bad, but not overwhelmingly so. There are other forms of bad luck, of course, that don’t show up in all-in pots, like getting KK, raising, having 3 callers, then a bet and call on an A24 board before the action gets back to you.

Will report more when able.

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