Thursday, June 18, 2009

ups and downs.

A frustrating night overall, although I did well. My first place finish came by sucking out after getting my TPTK in bad against aces. (hey, it happens), but I played well after that. My two losses both came against maniac opponents (37/24 types) who built up big chip stacks and then didn't mind racing for half of them.

I lost 4 races tonight, but won by hitting a 2-outer. Amazing.

In the last of the four tourneys, I got to headsup and hit some great hands - pocket queens three times, two flushes, a gutshot straight, and a flopped full house (57 on a 775 board), and couldn't get paid on any of them. Ended up getting my money in good, though, with two pair on a three flush board - the villain had top pair and a flush draw and hit his other card for a higher two pair. I don't mind his call too much with 14 outs, although I was better than a 2-1 favorite with only one card to come.

End tally - 1 first place, 1 second place, 2 bombouts. As I said, a good night, but perhaps more luck than skill.

Early in the night - I was witness to a sweet cold deck 3-way all in. In a raised pot, board comes J-3-3. Action goes bet, call, raise, reraise all-in, call
all-in, call all-in. First guy turns over pocket queens - second guy turns over pocket jacks for the overboat. Third guy types "thanks" into chat and flips over pocket threes for flopped quads. Ouch.

Not a fan of the "thanks" in the chat (you can't really fault either player for getting it in there), but nice hand, sir.

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Memphis MOJO said...

"Not a fan of the "thanks" in the chat" box

I'm not a fan of that either. Show some class. If you ever see me act like that, shoot me.