Wednesday, July 15, 2009

break time

ok, we played 2 tonight. The first left me with an unplayable 99 with 9 BB and 5 people in front of me. No action is correct - folding is wrong, limping is wrong, small raise is wrong, all-in is wrong, too. I shoved and got called by QQ.

In the second, I played some awesome poker. Played really well. Got rivered twice (by the same guy) holding a set and two pair but didn't lose too much. Picked on the weak players, tricked the good players a few times.

The bubble broke and I got my money in ahead vs. the same as earlier guy - Top pair/top kicker vs. open-ended straight draw. He rivered me again to knock me out in third.

I'm calling a break from Full Tilt. I've got my cash game tomorrow night, and I'll be out of town over the weekend. I'll be skipping Friday, then next week I'll be on vacation all week. I think Tuesday I'm getting some live training, but that's hand history review and not live play. My goal is to transfer some cash to my second site and play there over vacation.

I'm done with Full Tilt for awhile.


Forrest Gump said...

You know, I'm not sure I agree that folding is obviously wrong. You're looking at the hand value and if someone wakes up with a higher pair, that's pretty bad luck...

I HATE shoving with mid pairs when there's many people still to act. I'd much rather shove an un-opened pot in late position with any 2 cards.

matt tag said...

you might be correct. My bad month has probably brought out some bad decisions, as well.

This is worth a post on 2+2.

Forrest Gump said...

I think it is a shove and I'd probably do the same - but nines are right on the cusp for me. If it was 8's or 7's I could find a fold much easier. But more so, if the table was really soft...if i had a good read on the big stacks...if i had good position on the lags...if i had tight players to my left a was robbing blind...there's a reasonable chance I can fold the mid pair.