Saturday, July 18, 2009

F-You Full Tilt

Well, I removed my ban tonight and played one, since we got home from out of town early. Even got dealt Aces twice, though I didn't win much on them.

Got to the 4 man bubble early and sparred back and forth for a long time, then started running out of luck with no cards.

My first all-in of the night, the very first one - with AQs, called instantly by the big stack with TT, lost the race. Bubbled in fourth.

Cold-decked again. For what must be the fucking 20th time this month. 4-handed, in a super-tight bubble, where nobody is getting cards - the big stack gets dealt a good pair in the face of my all-in, and my hour+ of good play vanishes in an instant coinflip.

What did I bother playing for? I could have just flipped a coin and flushed $11 down the toilet on heads - same diff.

Well, I'm officially tired of the bad run - I have pulled some of my bankroll out and I'm switching it over to UltimateBet (where I will get 30% rakeback, even on SNGs, BTW). I'm on vacation this week, and I will try my hand over there for awhile.

Full Tilt SitNGos can officially blow me.


bastinptc said...

I don't quite understand how FTP is responsible for a bad run?

matt tag said...

they're not, of course - it's called finding a target for you're frustration.

Forrest Gump said...

I feel you pain MT - but I did chuckle when you implied FT were cheating you so you were headed to U.B.... ;)

Also, keep in mind that rakeback isn't always everything its cut out to be. Alot of those sites charge a disgusting rake and with 30% refunded, it just makes it less disgusting. I still think Stars is the best site for micro players.

matt tag said...

deep-down, I don't think FT is cheating, but I do think that "changing things up" can be a psychological boost. Switching sites has the same overall effect as moving to a new live table (or new casino if in Vegas).

Forrest Gump said...

Absolutely, i do the same thing. These days i pop onto the PKR site for some 3D poker. I find it fun and much less of a ground multi-tabling the cash games at Stars.