Monday, July 27, 2009

how sharkscope can make you money

Ok, I'm playing on UltimateBet right now, and the Sharkscope coverage seems a bit spotty. I'm playing 2 tourneys at once, and neither of them come up. So I have no early reads on the players when this hand comes up as the third hand of the tourney.

Absolute/UB Cereus No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 5/10 Blinds (9 handed) - Absolute/UB Cereus Converter Tool from

(stacksizes removed)

Hero's M: 100.00

Preflop: Hero is BB with A, Q
1 fold, UTG+1 calls t10, 4 folds, Button calls t10, SB calls t5, Hero bets t70, 1 fold, Button calls t60, 1 fold

I raise the limper with AQ - something my study partner does often, and I'm working into my game. Button cold calls. I'm thinking pocket pair, Ace-Rag, or low broadway for him.

Flop: (t160) 10, J, A (2 players)
Hero bets t130, Button raises to t260, Hero calls t130

I hit my ace, but the board of course sucks. I lead out and get clickraised. Right here I need to know how good this player is. If he's a donkey, I'm much more apt to just shove over him - I rule out AK, and I beat all other aces except AJ/AT, both of which he might have raised on the button. This could be a donkey with 55 testing me. Sure, it could be KQ, too - I'll never know, I guess. I call the raise.

Turn: (t680) Q (2 players)
Hero checks, Button bets t680, Hero folds

Queen is a crappy card. Improves me to two pair, but now all of the crap broadway kings hit their straight. Player bets pot and I decide I have plenty of chips left to play for, I bail.

Total pot: t680

A few minutes later, Sharkscope comes up for this tourney. Player has 86 tourneys played, with a -22% ROI. He's awful. I would have been much more likely to shove over him on the flop and take my chances on his A5 - thinking it's good.

Here's the hand the villain got knocked out of the tourney with.

Absolute/UB Cereus No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 20/40 Blinds (8 handed) - Absolute/UB Cereus Converter Tool from

(stacksizes removed)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with 7, 10
4 folds, CO calls t40, Button bets t180, SB calls t160, 2 folds

Flop: (t440) J, K, 8 (2 players)
SB bets t440, Button raises to t1760, SB calls t1320

Turn: (t3960) Q (2 players)
SB raises to t5 (All-In), Button calls t5

River: (t3970) 5 (2 players, 1 all-in)
Total pot: t3970

Button Shows J A (One pair, jacks)
SB Shows A 9 (ace high)

So Villain from first hand (SB here) bet pot on a complete whiff, then called an all-in raise with ace-high.

Yup, my AQ two pair was probably good....

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Memphis MOJO said...

I'm playing on UltimateBet right now, and the Sharkscope coverage seems a bit spotty.

This might be due to the merger between AP and UB.

I used to look at players on Bluff's data base here when playing in MTTs. When you're deep, you can look up the players (big difference between them -- some have won $50,000 and some $40, and you need to know who is who).

After the merger, it wasn't accurate for some reason.