Saturday, July 11, 2009

might need to pull this one out of my toolbox, forever.

I've been trying the "limp and go" lately when I get ultra-low on chips. It hasn't worked yet.

Today, I had A5o. The donkey-luckbox-bigstack-playing-75%-of-the-hands limps into my blind, I only have 525 left with blinds at 50-100. I could reraise him all in, sure, but he's not folding - he hasn't folded to one preflop bet yet. Once he's in the pot, he's in.

Flop comes KK6. Perfect time to shove, right? Ace high on a paired flop, with just enough fold equity. Perfect. I shove.

He calls - he had K8 and flopped the trips.

For fun, the fourth king came on the turn.

Geez. As always, stuff like that makes me think of this.


Second tourney, a 35/20 raises me up, I defend with KJ and hit the jack as top pair. I checkraise him all in. He's got AJ. Really? This guy defended by raise earlier, then checkraised me on an AQT board (he had A6). But this one time, he's got me dominated. I play tight solid poker all game long as the assholes throw chips all around, then I get coolered again? C'mon, now.

It's getting ridiculous - cooler after cooler, villains hitting every flop, suckouts, you name it. It's really tough.

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Memphis MOJO said...

"For fun, the fourth king came on the turn."

Of course -- just to rub it in a little.