Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new client, same cards

Full Tilt made a major new client release today. The new software client was written from the ground up. Overall it looks pretty good (though the multitablers in the 2+2 forums have found all of the problems already, and they are hot.).

Anyway, there were mixed reports of the PokerTracker 3 HUD not working, so I hopped onto a cash game just to see if it worked for me. The good news - it did.

The bad news - the very first hand I played, someone flopped quads against me. The board was Q88QQ and someone made a minbet. I figured he was just goofing around, so I called. Nope, he had the queen.

A few hands later, I thought my luck changed when I played JQ and turned a straight. I lead out and someone raised. Nice. We got it all in (this was a capped game, so "all in" was 7.50). He obviously also had JQ, and we split the pot.

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Forrest Gump said...

Oh, i haven't been back to FT for ages. Tx for the tip will check it out. I hope they've fixed the hand histories - they're horrible and no use for cash grinders.