Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A nice day, overall

I sat down to play 4 tonight, and the first 2 didn't look good. In the first, A donkey called my preflop raise from the blind at 30/60. I had A7 and was basically blind stealing, but I hit my Ace on a A23 board. I suppose I should have folded - I could only really beat A4/A5/A6 - but I also thought he could have called with a pair and was just not believing I had the ace. Neither was right, he had 4d5d and flopped a straight. Uggggh.

Second one, I played well but bubbled. I though I could get a guy off an ace on an all spade board, 7s2sAs, but he called with A9. I had the Ks but didn't catch up. This wasn't horrible- I got my money in behind but on a nice draw that didn't come in. Ok.

I was able to take first and second in the next two, though, with some fine play, and was able to bring my ROI on the month back toward respectability (still close to minus 20, but I was at -50 not too long ago).

I also watched Tony play in a 365 player tourney tonight- he took 45, just out of the money (they paid 36). He played great but ran out of opportunities - ended up shoving 66 into QQ. Oops.

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