Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no reward.

Played so well early. Small-ball style, hit some flops, got paid. Ace high straight. Two pair. Then it all vanished like a wisp of smoke in seconds:

Raised KJs up against the small stack, he shoved. I had 3-1 odds and called. He hit two pair on the river with Q9.
Then in a BvsB battle, hit middle pair and called 3 minbets. Villain had bottom pair that tripped up on the turn.
Two hands later, QQ, raise, get reraised by Q9 from before, I call. He has KK. Gone. In an instant.

Lots of good work vanished on the bubble.

That started the cycle back down the drain of total suck. In tourney #2, I tried my study partner's method of limping with AK early instead of raising. The board came king high with no draws, and I got stacked by a set of fours. I can't decide if a preflop raise would have got the fours out or not. I probably get stacked either way. Just another cold-deck for me.

In tourney #3, I get caught shoving AT by AQ, but hit a 6TT flop. I'm 98% to win - all I have to do is avoid runner-runner queens.

Turn is a queen.

Like my favorite video, I think to myself "don't even fucking think about it".

River - queen.

I guess the best preflop hand won.


Forrest Gump said...

I'm curious about limping with AK? Do you mean early in the tournament or from early position? Sounds like you'd get in some pretty ugly spot post flop doing this.


matt tag said...

Both early in tourney AND in early position. The idea is that if opponent isn't going to fold anyway (bad players), then why build up the pot with a "drawing hand"?

Note this is strictly "SNG" strategy - in a cash game, you put the money in the pot with the best hand, plain and simple. But in a tourney, chips are so precious early, that the concept here is caution.

A final note - even though I understand all this, I'm not convinced it is the correct way to go.