Thursday, August 13, 2009

a disaster - the worst news possible

Thursday night poker was.... cancelled! gasp! Not enough players this week, so no go.

It sucks hard to look forward to Thursday night all week and have the game canceled.

Instead, I played in 4 SNGs online - not much to report there. One third place cash, 2 bubbles. Felt like I played well, but not much help from the cards or situations.

One bad read at the end - Mr 40/20 raised five times the blind, which was unusual. I had 9 BB left and shoved in a pair of sevens. He had odds to call with anything, but I was low stack at the table and this possible race was probably as good as it was going to get for me. I thought maybe Ace-rag or a pair of fives from Mr. No-Fold-o, but nope, he had the rockets. It's hard to read those preflop overbets - they can be "I have Tens and would hate for someone to call me", or they can be "I raise according to the strength of my hand". I remember one guy in a live tourney who raised huge with them, got everyone to fold, and then showed them, saying "I hate Aces, I always get them cracked". Later, he did the same thing with Kings.

Well - the only saving grace - I won't be dead tired at work tomorrow.

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