Monday, August 10, 2009

The Knaves are stalking me.

First off, let me start by saying I've played well the past 2 days, and have brought my month's ROI up to normal levels. I'm still having trouble placing first in tourneys (too many seconds and thirds), so I need to work on that.

Having said that, I just want to get this off my chest - pocket jacks are out to get me. I know that the rule is that it's impossible to win with them - apparently we need to amend that rule to say that nobody can win with pocket jacks unless they're playing me.

  • I shoved 9 BB from the small into the big with K5 - he called with pocket jacks. Done.
  • I shoved 77 from the button with 12 BB, the big blind called with pocket jacks. Done.
  • I shoved 12BB from under the gun with TT, big blind called with pocket jacks. Done.
  • I tried a blind steal with 89 offsuit. The big blind called. The board came TTJ. We checked flop and turn. When the river hit the queen and gave me a straight, he made a sizable bet that I felt I had to call. He had JJ for a flopped boat.
  • I had JJ myself, for a change, in early position. I made a normal raise and got a cold-call from a bad player. Then, the big blind, who hadn't played a hand yet, shoved all in. I put him on TT-AA/AK, and had to fold.
They're everwhere! Note that this is all in the past three days - only 8 tourneys in all.

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bastinptc said...

Did you see that link on Cardgrrl's blog about Jacks? If not, see it.