Wednesday, August 26, 2009

over and over.

I think I played nearly perfectly tonight. I might have made one error, overplaying a top pair hand against someone who flopped an unlikely straight. Other than that, I played very well.

But I lost three tourneys anyway. In one, I had no shot - no cards, no opportunities to steal, nothing. I made my stand with 2 live cards and got beat. Fine. That's poker.

In the other two, though I got outdrawn as a big favorite, 2 times.

AQ vs. AJ. I even hit my queen on the flop! But they were all diamonds, and another one came, to go with his Jack of diamonds.

K3 vs. QQ. King-fucking-three! Desperate low stack makes his move, I'm sitting in the blinds with QQ. Nope, he hits his king. Then AK vs. QQ knocks me out on the bubble (hitting a queen on the flop to have me drawing just about dead).

Losing to three-outers every night - that's not poker. That's something else.


Forrest Gump said...

" I might have made one error, "

Actually you made errors on every street of every hand. :)

Even down to the simple, check/call/raise/fold decisions on each street, it's very likely we get a street wrong in a hand without any obvious consequences. Then when you consider bet sizing, virtually every bet is over/under what is optimum, therefore we made an 'error'. Sad but true! :}


diverjoules said...

Welcome to my online tourney life. Hope you stay and enjoy the beatings. Although I never play well or even near perfectly. Even when I make good calls to people all in shoving the turn - knowing they have only one more card to draw on their OESD or Flush draw, they always hit it. But IF I did that, HA.. no way would I hit it.