Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Bouncing back in my online play. 10 tourneys this month - have cashed in 8 of them. I'm playing well, sure, but I'm getting cards, AND they're holding up (always nice). Tonight in one tourney, my first six hands were AK, AK, JJ, (fold), (fold), QQ. I won with all four, and started out in the positive.

Also hitting lots of two pair in the big blind with garbage - K6, Q5 type two pairs, and getting value from KJ/QJ limpers. None of this has to do with my play, I know - it's just variance swinging back the other way for a bit. But I'll take it.

My only bugaboo right now is finishing the tourneys off - I've got 4 third place finishes, 3 seconds, and only 1 first place finish. I keep running into people with monster hands heads up (tonight it was a set), which makes my flush draw semibluffs pretty ineffective, lol. (I can still win by hitting my hand, but the fold equity is close to zero).

I do know of one real problem I have heads-up - I play too fast. I think small-ball is the right way to go here - chopping, chopping. Minraise on your button, c-bet, minraise both for bluff and for value. I need to put the all-in semibluffs to bed for a bit, especially if I think I'm better than my opponent.

Always something to work on, even when you're running hot.

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diverjoules said...

Hi Matt... Playing Fri. and Sat. at my house. Come out and play!!!