Saturday, August 8, 2009

that's more like it.

Well, my nice little one week heater had me confident enough to move back up to my natural buy-in level, and I promptly went back to my losing ways. Flopped a set on the third hand of tourney #1 and got sucked out on by top pair/flush draw.

Tourney 2, I attacked a retard 44/0 limper from the button by shoving with 77, the big blind woke up with jacks and called.

Tourney #3, shoved TT with 12 BB left, small
blind woke up with jacks.

Is there an echo in here?

This last play might have been a mistake - I had TT under the gun at a 5 handed table, and just over 12 BB. There was still time in the tourney, but I'm pretty sure folding TT is not correct, and raising 3x and folding to a shove is probably wrong, too. Limping with 12 BB sure as hell isn't correct, so the only valid play left looks to be a shove.

Edit: posted this hand on 2+2 and the consensus was not just shove, but snap-fistpump-shove, so it looks like I played it correctly. This makes me feel a bit better - always good to know I'm playing correctly and just hitting some bad luck.

Because of the move-up in buy in, these three tourneys chewed through half of my winnings on the month. Small sample size is a bitch. Worse yet, it took away any good feelings/confidence I had through the week of finally breaking out of the bad run of last month. Feels like it's all back.

In other news, I played a rare (for me) multi-table online tourney last night - ended up 15th out of 45. Not terrible, not great either. Tony bubbled in 7th - we argued over his last hand - a wild raiser popped it up for the 100th time, someone smooth called behind him, Tony shoved over them both with 99. The wild guy called with AQ and won the race.

Tony thought he should have hunkered down and waited for the money - I think that might have worked but 5th or 6th would have been the best he would have done that way. (he was the smallest stack at the table when he went out). I like the shove, especially against the aggro player, who will call with A6 and 55. This time he had AQ and won the race.

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